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Can we talk about this for a moment because I think a lot of people miss the point when it comes to Kankri.

Hussie is not making fun of people who believe in social justice. What Hussie is making fun of is people who do not practice what they preach. We’ve all seen those people on tumblr: “don’t be racist except against this group of people”, things like that. Hussie is making fun of hypocrisy within social justice and people who want to be allowed to argue their points and beliefs but refuse to let you do the same. The social justice that Hussie is poking fun at is NOT the people who are having educated debates and who are both passionate and yet level headed, he’s mocking those who hide behind a ‘social justice’ shield in order to act as if their opinion is more valid and that anyone who says otherwise is scum. People who you can’t have a normal debate with because every single thing triggers them, people who take on the holier than thou attitude and feel they need to educate the lesser minds.

Think of it this way: how many vegan posts have you seen calling people who eat meat murders, or saying that they should all die? Now, how many of those people do you think would be willing to hear your opinions on the matter and react in a polite, educated manner? Not too many. That is the side of social justice that Hussie is poking fun at, not social justice itself.

Now, on to Kankri himself! Wow what a great character, what a cutie patootie, wow he’s so passionate. But sometimes, actually often times, he comes off passionate in the entirely wrong way. Now why is this? Well, let’s look at Kankri’s back story a bit!

Kankri comes from a society where ‘culling’ basically meant ‘you’re incapable of tending to yourself so you need the rest of the world to do it for you’. As a mutant blood, he was treated like a pet, a lesser being who had no opinions or ideas of his own. That was how the main populace saw him. See where this is going? If you don’t, I’ll elaborate a bit more.

In order to get rid of this stigma and to prove he is not simply a pet for other trolls to feed and coo over and dote on and stare at in wonder, much the way people do at zoos, Kankri created a personality for himself that pretty much defies the entire stereotype. Does he go about it wrong? Yes, he often does. But who else does this? Karkat! Karkat, also a mutant blood, tried to defy the stereotypes of living less years, being physically weaker, and an all around waste of space by pouring his all into making himself seem like the strong leader type. Anything Karkat views as weak is instantly treated negatively, especially during his younger years.

They’re simply compensating to get past the stereotypes their society has placed on them.

In conclusion, Hussie is not anti-social justice and Kankri is not just a clever ploy to make fun of social justice members. Thank you and have a nice day.

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