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AG: 8ut now it's just a memory.
AG: I guess I must 8e dead.
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callie and roxy are the actual cutest goodbye

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if you genuinely defend gamzee makara’s harmful and problematic actions “because he’s a complex character” then i have a problem with u

does “acknowledging gamzee’s asshole tendencies while still kind of…

yup, his character arc needs some kind of closure that actually suits him

i take a guess (or i hope) that calliope will be the one who’ll play his morality pet or something like that. like, they meet again (through some shenanigan bullshit idk) after so many years from callie’s perspective and then she just realizes that he was her daddy for some time and then a memory sparks up or some shit. (calliope remembering gamzee from her childhood could be the reason why she’s so obsessed with trolls so) then they have a talk and she asks him why he’s even serving caliborn/lord english although he’s an abusive piece of shit and this’ll be the moment when gamzee realizes that he doesn’t even really know that himself and that makes him think, in his own way. and then he finally gets his cowardly shit together and defeats his inner demons, would be about time.

something in that direction would be nice. i’d also like to see callie meeting gamzee again in general, tbh. 

oh my god i never thought about that and it would totally work and oh my god i am really hoping either this happens or SOMEHOW nepeta and equius slay his ass and he finally realizes hes a piece of crap after karma kills him lol

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Jane, that’s how GCats lets you know he loves you and doesn’t want you to starve!

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these two i swear to god

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Rose and 4 please?
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and I control

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An AU in which all the Alpha and Beta kids just hang out in shady alleys for ironic reason.

ok jade is freaking me the fuck out

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'i'm just saying man, you're gayer then i am. like on a scale from one to gay, that is you right there, at the end of the spectrum. also, you kissed me first, so kinda case closed, you're busted bro.'

'yeah but who is the one who kissed me right back officer that is excessive canoodling with a suspect that is crossing some probably totally bogus lines in the code of conduct'

'you are one smooth criminal, dave.'

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Interupting your apocalypse liveblogging to bring you some over-filtered kurlin.